Introducing: Prefabby Clipboard

I have published a new plugin today, called Prefabby Clipboard. As always, I am scratching my own itch: as a developer, I often find myself looking at the demo scenes of art packs I am purchasing, in awe for what talented designers are able to achieve. I am not a talented designer, so I tend to copy bits I like and then rearrange them.

But if I run the reference scene in a separate Unity instance, I can't copy it over using the system's clipboard at all; I would have go through a cumbersome process of creating, exporting, reimporting and unpacking a prefab. If I load the reference scene from within the same instance, I would still have to switch back and forth or load it as an "additive" scene, and if I wanted to reproduce the process, I would have to pick the same sub-tree again and start over. And either way, I wouldn't be able to reuse things in a different engine even if I had the same art packs in both engines!

I always wanted to have a simple repository of reusable reference parts, just like prefabs, but without the hassle.

That's also why I built the original Prefabby plugin, which in that sense is kind of Prefabby Clipboard's bigger and more capable partner plugin: it runs in the cloud and is meant for public sharing and real-time collaboration. The new plugin, Prefabby Clipboard, runs fully local on your harddrive, without having to create an account and without being restricted to supported art packs.

With the help of Elevenlabs AI voices, I created a little introduction video:

You can get the plugin here.

Note that with Prefabby Clipboard out in the open, I also decided to rename the original Prefabby plugin to Prefabby Community, as it covers all the public/online functionality.

Please try it out and let me know how it works for you!

Matthias Gall

Prefabby Developer