Build, share, and remix creations made out of prefab art packs.

Prefabby is a creative hub to share creations built out of prefabs in Unity or Godot. It inspires creativity, accelerates building, and eases collaboration.

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Discover a world where your imagination takes center stage. Prefabby is your gateway to a realm of limitless possibilities. Create, share, and remix stunning scenes made from prefab art packs. It's time to bring your ideas to life.

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Create unique creations out of prefabs and publish them onto the Prefabby platform. Share your ideas with the world!
Download other creations
Download creations from other talented creators on the platform and speed up your scene building process.
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Improve, integrate, or enhance other user's creations and unleash your creativity by building upon existing works.
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Collaborate seamlessly with your team in real-time and across engines. Create stunning scenes together, no matter where you are.

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Supported Platforms

Prefabby is your creative companion across various game engines. With support for Unity, Godot, Unreal Engine PLANNED, and Roblox PLANNED, Prefabby serves as your central hub for exploring new horizons.

The Prefabby plugin for Unity is available on GitHub with full C# source code, licensed under AGPLv3.
The Prefabby plugin for Godot is currently in private beta and will be made available with full GDScript 4 source code, licensed under AGPLv3.
A plugin for Unreal Engine 5 is currently planned but development has not yet started.
A plugin for Roblox is currently planned but development has not yet started.

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Ready to collaborate, remix, and explore creative horizons? Prefabby is your platform for shared creativity. Join our community of creators to collaborate, remix, and bring new life to prefab creations. Let's build together!

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